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Nevada Brothel Cleared to Hire Men

The health department in Nevada recently cleared the way for a Nevada brothel to hire men. The state’s health officials also approved a method for testing the penis of male customers for infectious diseases. Offering male services could help boost revenue for brothels in a tough economy. But how do these brothels find male customers? There are many questions surrounding this controversial issue, and the answer may surprise you.

A first-hand account of a Nevada brothel’s operation was published in 2006 by UNLV sociologists. The authors describe the industry as a public health issue and say that the establishment’s operation should be regulated to protect the health of its customers and courtesans. Besides Nevada, they hope to influence other rural counties in the state that license brothels. Clark County and Washo County are among the counties in Nevada where prostitution is illegal.

The controversial law was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2011. The ACLU argued that the law violated the First Amendment and violated their rights as women. The case was later dismissed by a federal appeals court. But the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the Nevada brothel case. The state’s brothel laws were in effect since 1913. However, the lawmakers did not leave a history of the legislation.

A Nevada brothel was cleared to hire men in late 2013. It would be the state’s first legal brothel to employ male prostitutes. Some say the move will revive the state’s flagging prostitution industry. Others are skeptical, claiming the new law is discriminatory and outdated. This new regulation will be the industry’s Pearl Harbor. In the meantime, the industry is left without a voice in the legislature.

Although the law is still controversial, it allows brothels to hire men despite the state’s ban on such businesses. The state has also approved a method for testing men for infectious diseases. It may seem strange at first, but the new Nevada brothel has become the first in the country to hire men. Its owners believe the rules on male prostitution are outdated and will not harm anyone. Its local residents will benefit from the new rule.

In Nevada, this law is a step in the right direction. A new Nevada brothel has been cleared to hire men for two and a half years. The law does not specify the type of sex the brothels should offer. In fact, the Nevada government does not even mention the sexual orientation of their brothels. The county liquor board does not require prior approval for hiring males. In some cases, it does not.

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