Magical Anal Sex Tips That Will Drive You Crazy

Hire las vegas escorts girls and you will never know it until you try. However, anal sex is undoubtedly the most intense and sensual experiences. Nevertheless, not everybody finds anal sex exciting. But, the experience is worth exploring. Even if you may not be interested in anal sex, your partner might want to try it. That’s where these tips will come in. Here are useful magical anal sex tips that will drive you crazy.

Go Slow

Just like vaginal penetration, don’t rush your partner when having anal sex. Take time to ensure that your partner is ready and turned up. Be gentle with your partner and don’t assume it is okay to stack up your manhood to her behind too quickly. Start off by softly touching and licking areas around her anus. Also touch and feel her other body parts. Listen to your partner as she makes seductive sounds. This will warm up both of you. When you realize that she is begging you to put your manhood in, insert your finger into her anus gently.

Use Lubricant

Unlike vagina, the anus does not stay wet long. As such, use a lubricant to ensure a smoother, easier and more sensational penetration. Human ass is a sensitive area. It will sustain blisters with ease if you rub it wrongly. Therefore, apply more lube in her ass and the surrounding areas both before and during sex. You can use natural organic lube oil or organic coconut oil.

Try Different Positions

Many people think that they can try doggy style only during anal sex. However, there are several positions that you can try when having anal sex. If you are a starter, let your woman come on top of you. This will allow her greater control of how much the penis penetrates her ass as well as the speed with which it does this. Missionary style is also great for anal sex. However, you may want to experiment with other styles too for a unique experience.


Anal penetration will be pleasurable if your mind and body are relaxed. If you feel stressed, take some time to cheer up. Breathe and relax your muscles. For a lady, breathe and let your body surrender to pleasure when the hard penis gets into your ass.

Anal sex is a pleasurable experience. It creates a thrilling sensation for both partners. However, to enjoy this experience, you need to follow these tips. Also recognize and appreciate the fact anal sex can be a gateway to ecstatic sex.



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